Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving is earlier in Canada than the States because, as we are more northerly, the harvest is earlier. So this weekend was a general overindulgence in all things. We went over to Fran and Jim’s, as per usual. Jim cooked two birds. I sous-cheffed and E did the gravy. And I fell in love.

Mike is a tall, dark, lean cool cat of a dude. An accomplished jazz musician and all-around audiophile, he does more listening than talking. He has an intriguing smile and a certain elan with his clothes. Chill, Y’all. I didn’t fall for Mike. I fell for his Sweet Potato Pie.

Oh, the sweet potato pie. It had its wicked way with me. And then, when I was fully sated, replete with Thanksgiving goodness, I had to sneak back for another taste.

How was I to know that such a thing would be so good? I mean, it’s in books, right, but it’s not really real, right? Like Whataburger or fried onions in a can. Or those hamburgers they call sliders. But sweet potato pie does exist, and I have fallen deeply, deeply in love with it.

I am thankful for friends, for family. For my life and its trials and tribulations. But I am especially thankful for sweet potato pie.

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