I Confess!

I totally forgot to post a confessions thread on Friday, as I was so busy having a birthday!

Anyone else want to confess?

Bring It.

So. Apparently, the Self-Confidence Fairy finally found her way to me, after a backorder of about fifteen years, and dumped the accrued years’ worth of self-confidence over me like a trucker pours syrup at IHOP.

First, I called a friend on his bullshit after he insulted E over a matter of what turns out is of very little importance. It was a clash of values, but said friend needs to be schooled in the ways that adults relate to one another. I stepped up.

Then last night, I sang along, loudly, to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” with no regard to the safety of those around me. I can’t actually sing, so it was a leap of faith for me to do it out in public, with people around me.

After that, I argued with a guy for mocking another guy’s musical taste. Matty likes The Smiths and has no problem with the fact that Morrisey is gay, because he loves Morrisey’s awesome lyrics. Fucktard (an alias) can’t get over the fact that Morrisey is gay, and, so, therefore, Matty must be as well. I argued for a while, but Fucktard had no actual argument (what a surprise). So I simply called Fucktard a boor, and when he looked at me with disbelief, I said, “It’s four fucking letters long. Don’t tell me you don’t know what it means, you moron.” I could blame the two glasses of wine I had consumed, but I’d rather call it self-confidence.

Is this how self-confident people feel all the time? Like there’s champagne in their veins and they’re able to channel a deity? Wow. What have I been missing?

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