Friday Confessions.

We’ve had more sun than rain this week, so my Vitamin D levels remain stable. My belly dancing class may start as early as next week. Everything’s happy over here. However (there’s always a however) I do have to confess some stuff.

1) Way too much processed food at work. No microwave or fridge makes meals a little challenging, and I got lazy. I don’t usually eat so poorly, and I’ve noticed my energy flagging. So I’m declaring a moratorium on cup-a-soup, rice cakes with fake cheese powder on them, and just-add-water hot chocolate. More salads for me, more roughage, more fruit.

2) Too many nights of noodles and butter at 10PM. Not even belly dancing can save this podge, if this keeps up.

3) The library is back! I’ve ignored housework, marking, and even E in favour of the new JD Robb thriller.

4) I sort of like the gnomes my landlord put in the garden. At first, their empty-eyed vacant smiles creeped me right out, but now I think they’re sort of cute.

5) I am so PMSsey I’m crying at TV ads. Even the car ads I normally mock.

Enough outta me. Anyone else do anything this week?

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