In the Garden

Today I started to create the frame for my raised vegetable beds. I have this fantasy that I am a gardener, you see. I dream of luscious tomatoes, home-grown salads and snap peas warm from the sun. The reality may not be so fabulous. I’ve never had a full-on vegetable plot before. It’s definitely a big experiment.

All summer I watched the angles of light in the garden to determine where the maximum sunshine was. It was tricky, because we have a lot of mature trees around, so finding a spot was hard. But I finally settled on a disused little bit on the east fence.

After wrestling the buttercups out of there, evicting a maple sapling, and turning over the soil to remove rocks, I am ready to start building up the soil. In six months, I hope to be at the garden centre, picking out varieties of tomato.

I wonder if I will remember this sweaty, rainy, muddy November day when I’m doing it.

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