Friday Confessions. Or Not.

You know, there’s nothing I did that I feel the need to confess. Instead, I feel the need to give a list of delightful things that have happened to me this week. If you want to list confessions, go ahead. If you want to follow my lead and be all fluffy-wuffykins, go ahead as well.

1) I got to see the mountains turn pink yesterday. I’m lucky that my classroom faces north, so I can see the North Shore mountains. Especially at times like that.

2) I helped a little old lady cross the street. I was running for the bus, I was starving, and I had to pee. But there she was, shuffling along in her pink tracksuit. I stopped and asked (in true Boy Scout fashion) “Can I help you cross?” and so we crawled our way across Broadway. The drivers waiting for her to get out of the way smiled at me. I felt ten feet tall.

3) November has been so much kinder than it has in past years. We had so much sun this month that The Gloom hasn’t really touched me, in spite of catching E’s cold.

4) I went out last night and bought $27 dollars’ worth of cold medication. On the way to the store, I ran into a delightful lady who chatted with me and then mistook some random guy on the bus for Burton Cummings. Free entertainment!

5) My friend Morgan told me my mannerisms are similar to Miranda Richardson’s while playing Queen Elizabeth I in the Blackadder series. Hilarious!

Anybody else got either blessings or self-recriminations?

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