Friday Confessions.

It’s been a pretty slow week. I’ve been sick and so blew off my after-work tutoring students this week. That’s not a confession. I know I would have been a lot sicker if I’d pushed myself. Because with bronchitis or pneumonia, I earn no money. And I hhhhhhhaaate lying in bed convalescing. But I can confess to the following:

1) I am increasingly aware of my biases against those who refuse to use proper grammar and punctuation on these here intertubewebs. I’m not talking about the occasional typo, I’m talking, “i like thse boots what do u think becuz i dont knw” I immediately think that they have the IQ of soup. I can’t help it.

2) I can’t not eat a bowl of pasta after belly dancing. I’ve tried. I end up snarfing a bag of chips instead. Not the best of trades.

3) I’m having more wobbles about Christmas. I want to buy much more lavish gifts than I can afford. I hate it. And do I buy my father’s girlfriend something, if I’ve only met her four times, even though she takes such fantastic care of my dad?

4) Oh, and I have not started my Christmas shopping. Or baking.

G’wan. Make me feel better. Or worse. What did or didn’t you do?

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