Friday Confessions.

Whoo, fast week. I guess getting hyper-organized and then knocking things off the list like hooligans knocking over mailboxes as they drive by at 60 Mph makes things just tick along. Also, note to self: No time to get into trouble when you’re crazy-busy. However, it wasn’t an angelic week over here.

1) Not enough vegetables. A couple of TV dinners at work, now that we have a microwave that works sometimes.

2) I am vain about my lasagna. Safeway’s makes mine look like ambrosia from the gods.

3) Spent more money than I wanted, am spending more tonight. Meh, that’s why God invented Mastercard.

4) Haven’t spoken to my dad this week. We’ve played some phone tag. I expect myself to somehow know when he is at home and near a phone. Unreasonable, I know.

Anyone else got something to say?

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