We Should All Be Drag Queens.

Last night was a hilarious friend’s hilarious birthday. We went to a drag show, something I have not done in about ten years. It was vastly entertaining, and featured many gorgeous frocks, but it also made me think a little. Only a little; this isn’t a heavy post, I promise.

We should all be drag queens. Queens have something in their personalities that says, “LOOK HOW FABULOUS I AM!” They command attention and make people watch them. There’s no modesty there. There’s a kind of honesty in their performances, even though they are lip-synching and imitating women. Drag queens love attention and they’re not ashamed to go up on a stage and get it. They’re making people pay attention to them, and I think more people should have that ability.

Not all the time, of course. Then the world would be a shrieking cacophony with everyone clamouring for attention and no one getting it. But just once in a while, everyone should have the ability to turn on their Inner Drag Queen and get some attention.

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