Seven Random Things

Via Stephanie at the SuperSecretVault (Arwen, please may I have a linking lesson? I probably shouldn’t even have internet access, I am so bad at remembering stuff like this), here’s a meme: Seven random things about me.

1) I have a bruise on my ribcage right now. I slipped while wearing socks and fell on the microwave. No alcohol was involved. It sort of looks like a sloppy hickey.

2) I talk to fishing boats when I cross the Burrard Street Bridge. I see who’s moored in False Creek and say hi. Sometimes I do it out loud by accident.

3) When I was a little girl, I wanted to be the whale feeder at the aquarium.

4) I don’t like the new, energy-efficient Christmas lights. They vibrate in my field of vision and seem aggressive and manic, like meth users made of light. Not festive.

5) I look good in hats. Every hat I’ve ever put on my head. This is not vanity. Once I stuck a colander on my head in a bid to prove my idiocy. It was nauseatingly cute.

6) Yesterday I joined a ‘Photo-A-Day’ group for 2008. I am naively optimistic that I’ll be able to manage that, and that I’ll figure out how to post photos here.

7) I love making people laugh. It lets me see who they really are.

I’m tagging no one. But if you want to, post your seven things.

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