Friday Confessions.

It’s that post-holiday funk over here. Zero ambition + desire to lie in bed and listen to the rain = lack of productivity. So there’s an overall miasma of faint not-getting-it-done guilt. Also:

I am addicted to Flickr. Who knew I’d like looking at random photos so much?

I totally didn’t read The Red Badge of Courage, although I kind of tried. My students and I all agreed that it was a completely dire book. I made sure that they had all the basic plot points. Then we discussed the situation that started the war, and they took sides as the North, the South, and England, and solved their problems through discussion instead of bloodshed. Poor little England. She eventually sold out for a one-time sale price on cotton.

I cannot stop eating the holiday goodies. Evidently, my baking frenzy went on way too long, because there’s too much delicious baked stuff here. I think I may take what’s left into work and let everyone else have a random free-for-all.

Anyone else?

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