Seeds of Knowledge.

Tonight my Monday student was tired. Hey, that’s fair. I get to his house at 8pm. Since we’ve been going pretty hard with narrative essays (Yes, you can teach narrative essays to a Grade Five, if he’s smart enough, and you’re patient enough), we had kind of a slacker lesson tonight.

I taught him to read a seed catalogue.

Or that’s what we started out doing. We talked about rainfall and annual weather patterns in Vancouver, we talked about Days To Maturity, we talked about sun requirements, bolting crops, and why purple potatoes might be a bit weird if mashed.

He re-designed my garden plan. He’s brought in cantaloupe, cucumbers, pumpkins, beets and catmint. Oh, and advised me to maximize my sun by cutting down some trees.

I think his plan is ambitious, but I think he learned a lot. It just wasn’t…on the Provincial Curriculum. Oh well.

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