Friday Confessions.

I had such big plans for this week, and then it all just kind of slipped away in a low-grade tummy bug that had E and me kind of lazy and ‘ehn’ about everything. As a result:

1) I didn’t get the new soil into the garden.

2) I didn’t call the friend I promised I would. Even though I know that she really misses me and would like to connect.

3) I skipped tutoring Wednesday night and my daytime students Thursday morning. I probably should have gone to the Thursday students, but I woke up and my stomach was still sore, and I am a big, pantsy wimp. But then, last night, I felt well enough to go belly dancing, so I feel slightly hypocritical.

Whatever. I have almost decided what seeds to plant in my garden. I hope I can keep the blackberries out.

Anyone else want to confess?

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