Friday Confessions.

I am a big ball of fear.

My eyes have been really light-sensitive lately. I fear a sarcoid relapse, because I have also been needing more sleep. But then, it has been sunny. There’s more light. And I have also been fighting off every bug in the world. Seriously. Viruses are flying in from Calcutta to try and get me. I’m sure of it.

Arwen sent me a link to a bunch of agents to whom I might pitch my Regency romance novel. I am so scared to pitch it. I just wrote it. It’s not like it’s a REAL book. It’s just me writing stuff. Not a professional over here!

I’m so scared I’m not getting this Essay Clinic thing right. In a regular classroom, you plan a unit, and you tweak it on the fly, when you see what’s not working. Now, I’m sending a Finished Product out to be tested by other teachers. Our boss has no education background. I don’t know if he’s going to ‘get’ tweaking.

As a side note, I love John Mellencamp. I suppose that’s a confession in its own. He’s probably a Republican.

>wibble< Anyone else a freakazoid this week?

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