Sparkly Decorations!

Sparkly Decorations
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I had such a great time eating and talking with Els and Arwen and Rachel that I totally forgot to take pictures of my food, which was my original intention for today’s photo.

I must say, I’ve become much less shy over the last month at just whipping out my camera and snapping happily away. Good thing the staff at the restaurant didn’t take me as an Undercover Malaysian Restaurant Spy, hoping to clone their decor for a rival Malaysian joint.

Although if I couldn’t teach kids to read, I might give it a go as an Undercover Malaysian Restaurant Spy.

Pink Things.

Kinga delights in serving her signature drink, the Pink Thing. I thought they were nonalcoholic. Ahahah. Ha. Not in Kinga Land. She makes them strong to hide the tang of the gin and the pungency of the Cointreau.

So now while I am looking over the Essay Clinic work, I am doing it slightly less tensed up and worried than I was before I went to Kinga’s house.

I think it might be quite good, actually.

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