Friday Confessions.

Um. Yeah, I forgot to post a thread. I could say that it was all hectic today, but it really wasn’t.

Melissa and I were supposed to write, but we watched Little Shop of Horrors. That’s the first confession. We didn’t write a lick. But we did make notes on the movie, so we now know that a) I don’t have to write 50 songs, and b) we’re trying to be way too realistic. Musicals? Not vehicles for gritty realism.

I totally lied to my new friend Tony (of the scrotal fistula). He wanted to go for coffee and talk about gardens, but I told him I was visiting my dad. In fact, I plan to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and take a lot of photos of men in kilts. It just wasn’t convenient.

Te absolve. Whadja do?

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