Friday Confessions.

Wow. When you have two jobs, a week goes faster than just with one job. I am also happy to report that my looking-at-kittens-on-the-internet has also decreased. That and more money in my pocket make me feel like less of a waste of space. Oh, I still find time to hang out on Flickr looking at pictures of food, but not nearly as much as before.

One confession is that I keep finding things as I am out and about on my new job: Things nonreturnable to their owners. On Tuesday I found a beautiful green linen scarf with poppies on it, just on the ground. If there had been a fence or something nearby, I would have draped it over, but it was a busy area and all there was was a garbage can. So I took the scarf. On Wednesday I found twenty bucks that had fallen down the side of a car seat. I’m not sure if either of these is theft; I was happy enough to take advantage, but how could I have returned them to their owners? I am a thief. Or an opportunist.

Also, yesterday morning I scored not one but two Nora Roberts books at the library. Yes, the first and second in a series. I’m on page 218 of the first one. Apparently I am a pulp fic junkie.

Incidentally, I thought a lot of uncharitable things about the Transit System this week.

Anyone else got anything to get off their chest?

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