Friday Confessions.

Hello. We’re Special Guest Bloggers this Friday. We’re Liz’s boobs, and we’ve hijacked Friday Confessions, because she’s too busy with the first season of Veronica Mars and the fallout from our merry havoc to worry overly much about what’s going on with us.

Yes, we know. Boobs can’t type effectively. We’ve commandeered the fingers, because Liz isn’t minding them. Again with the Veronica Mars.

Okay. you know her favourite jacket? The Chinese 1980’s-era standard-issue one that makes her feel like Jet Li, except she’s a girl?

Yeah. We totally wrecked the zipper on that jacket. What with her running for buses and whatnot, we just shook that jacket until the zipper cried ‘uncle’.

What? We had to! It did nothing for us! That jacket had us sequestered like a couple of fifty-year-old Spanish nuns in Andalusia. No one saw us! Ever!

So we broke out. We split the zipper, and not attractively. No cleavage-enhancing here. We were playing hardball. The split went south to gape across her stomach-which she hates!

Now she’s ass-deep in pins and needles and a new zipper. But it’ll take her a while. We’re free for now. Mwahaha!

So who else stepped up or out this week?

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