OMG I Met John Cusack!

And I didn’t wet my pants!

E texted me that JC was at The Fringe, and so I was there in, like, five minutes.

I got there and E was talking to JC and Adam the Douchebag (JC’s childhood friend, apparently), and Jug. I cooly kissed E and Jug on the cheeks and smiled at JC like he was a random person and not, in fact, John Fricking Cusack. I ignored Adam because I always ignore Adam, the way you politely ignore when someone has passed gas.

They were pretty into their conversation so I took the stool next to JC and talked to Bryce for a bit without wetting my pants knowing that John Cusack was right beside me!

JC was leaving pretty quickly, so E introduced me to him and I actually shook his hand! I thought about saying, ‘I love your work’ or something like that, but my synapses were too jangled. I managed another smile with direct eye contact. I hope I didn’t look too maniacal.

Excuse me. I have to go lie down now.

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