Blogging From London

I totally am!

Although in a bizarre comedy of errors, I woke up late and whirlwinded out of the house minus a) deodorant on and b) my guidebook. So I really wanted to apologize to the other people crammed in with me, because I was quite funky. However. they were developing their own transatlantic funks, and so we arrived at Gatwick our own little boulliabaise of aromas. I have now rectified the deodorant problem and have even rectified the guide book problem.

I went to Oxford Street, on the basis that it has all the flagships. Lo, there was a Waterstones, which is like Chapters over here. But they didn’t have a Let’s Go, and that’s what I had at home. I like Let’s Go. I’m a Let’s Go girl. I don’t do Lonely Planet or Fodor’s or any of those others. So I bought a map, and I am going to use it, and I am not going to look like a jackass. Just you watch!

Also, the British is already creeping into my vocabulary. Did you know I am an accent slut? I am. I take on accents and words like I’m being trained for espionage. So, really, I am blogging from in the high street after finding a bookshop for a guide. Not bad, huh?

Oh, and I already ate a chicken, bacon, and avocado sandwich from a Tesco Express. I won’t be doing that again.

More tomorrow!

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