Friday Confessions

Well. I haven’t done much that was too heinous over here. I did think grumpy thoughts about getting up at 7:30 on Sunday to do the MS Walk, but then I did actually do it for charity, so I can excuse that. what I cannot excuse:

1) I ate a sausage and cheese McGriddle. It was absolutely sickly-sweet-chemical-laden and part of me loved that. This concerns me. People should find more natural food to be more delicious. If you can taste the chemicals, it shouldn’t taste good, right? Not so with the McGriddle. Yikes! It’s like my tastebuds are devolving.

2) This is a confession for something I am going to do. A, what, a confession-in-advance? Yeah. I am going to take a jar of pickled cockles to the Fringe tonight and coerce/bribe/convince people to eat them. And I am going to take pictures of it. Because I am sick. What? Pickled cockles, that’s right. They’re a Welsh delicacy. No. Really. If you want me to save you, some, just say so, because they’ll be going fast, oh yes they will!

What did everyone else get up to?

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