Friday Confessions.

This week, I tried to feel less fat. I ate sensibly (not always low fat because that is not sensible) and I made one change to my wardrobe to make me feel better.

I bought a cowboy hat. I have to say, it’s pretty much excellent. It’s not so much about feeling skinny as feeling sassy. A woman in a cowboy hat (I am experiencing) is less about her weight and more about the sass. This, I like.

In addition to putting on the sassy mantle, I was also a little sneaky at work. See, we’re bringing in some standardized vocab workbooks, for kids with a reading level of Grade 2 and up. But some of my kids are middle-school (and even high school) aged, and not reading at a high enough level for the books. But I grabbed the books for them anyway, because I think it’s going to make them feel more confident and prouder of their English levels if they have the books, and can use them to talk with me about words and definitions. The boss says the vocab books are for words the kids find in the reading books. Me, I say to the kids, put whatever words you want on those pages. I’m here to help you with whatever English struggles you have.

Oh, and it was a PMS week. I ate a lot of chocolate and chips. Every war has casualties.

Anyone else?

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