Cloverdale Rodeo

Me And My New Tattoo

Originally uploaded by Liz du Canada

So today I went to a John Mellencamp video. Oh, wait. No. It just felt that way. I was at the Cloverdale Rodeo, where I ate Corn Dogs (plural!) got a fake tattoo, saw a lot of shirtless men with real tattoos, saw some horses, cows, chickens, goats, llamas, alpacas, and donkeys, drank a six-dollar Budweiser, and heard many songs about broken hearts.

The rodeo itself was only part of the day.

The circus was the transit out there. Taking the B line out to Commercial, Sandii, myself, and a whole busload of travelers heard the juicy side of the conversation of a dyed-blond young woman who had a mad crush on a 39-year-old DJ with (apparently) GREAT teeth. After that, we got on the 320 in Surrey and (Sandii saw, I didn’t) a man with a bad dye job wearing an open shirt on the bus, playing with his nipples. On the bus. While children sat next to him.

Oh, yes. Getting out of the neighbourhood is always an education.

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