Redneck John


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Last night we moved my friend Sandii to her new digs, three blocks south and three blocks east of her old digs. We could have done the move on skateboards, but we don’t know enough people with skateboards, so instead her brother John came in from Chilliwack with his genuine 1986 GMC pickup truck, newly painted that day in black primer. If you get Sandii drunk she will tell you harrowing tales of growing up in the ‘Wack. I used to think she was exaggerating. Now I know she is not.

The truck stuck out like a diesel mechanic at a garden party. John needed to gun the engine to get it started, and it blew out like a fleet of Harleys driving through a corrugated tin tunnel. Seriously. It was loud.

John was clearly both nervous and a little in awe of the city, which made for some entertaining driving. At one point, he paused to admire an old Chevy, but didn’t hit the brake. We almost ended up in someone’s front yard. He also didn’t seem to get pedestrian-controlled traffic lights or not speeding up for red lights. Things are different in Chilliwack, apparently.

He also kept driving past Sandii’s new house. It is a fairly distinctive place, but I think he was too busy looking at everything to take note, bless him.

He’s safely back in the ‘Wack, now, probably regaling his buddies with stories about us weird City Folk.

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