Empty House

E’s brother and his girlfriend have been and gone, and all my fretting and faffing were for nothing. E went out and bought an air mattress (we’d discussed it and I’d said I’d borrow one, but he interpreted that as an order to go buy one, but whatever.) The bonus is, it fit in E’s room! So I didn’t even have to give up my living room! Which was good, on account of my weird weekend hours. It would have been awkward to tiptoe past sleeping near-strangers at two AM and then lie awake until I felt tired. Overall, it was no problem.

That’s because I overlooked the obvious. They are academics, in town for an academic conference. They really only have two basic needs: Wireless and a place to sleep. All the action was up at the conference. I saw them for about three hours in total. E saw his brother for a few more hours.

So, no sweat. But I’m not advertising our fabulous guest room any time soon.

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