Friday Confessions.

Could the nice weather please come back? I’m all for the watering of the plants and the living in the temperate rainforest and whatnot, but I would like to experience some summer-like weather sometime soon. Please.

Here’s a thing: I’ve been walking around with no makeup on yesterday and today. Sometimes I forget, and that’s okay. But I looked for my mascara yesterday and couldn’t find it. I think E’s brother’s girlfriend took it by accident. But I was walking around with my naked face, and after a little while, I found I just didn’t care. Hey, world, here’s my imperfect mug. Suck it up.

I was going to have coffee with a friend yesterday, one I haven’t spoken to forever. But she couldn’t make it. I was only too happy to stay in bed for an extra half-hour. Again, the rain is sapping my energy and making me think November thoughts of bowls of pasta as big as my head.

I’m thinking of dancing in a troupe piece later on in the month. If I can learn the right arm movements from the left and the right. Which is a bit iffy.

So, unpainted, sleepy and confused about my right and left. That’s me. How about you?

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