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Yeah. I’m tired. Too much with the oh I can stay up late because I’ll bounce back, I can sleep when I’m dead, and I really want to finish watching CSI.

No. No, I can’t. I’m old now and I need my sleep. Of course, when I am older, I’ll need less sleep and I’ll wander around the neighbourhood at 3AM talking to cats and raccoons and setting off car alarms by accident and then hobbling away around the corner. But now? I need the sleep.

Random observations of the last couple of days:

It was great to see my brother, who is in town for an academic conference. I’ve seen him for an hour this week, and that’s all I’ll see of him til August. Academics at his level have to be dedicated or they don’t get jobs. I don’t understand his dedication to having absolutely no control over his eventual future address or position, but I support him and admire his dedication.

I wish I could link because on the recommendation of a student, I checked out ‘How to be Ninja’ on Youtube, and I laughed so hard I cried. I can only suggest that you all do as well. If you have the sense of humour of an eleven-year-old boy, which I certainly seem to.

That’s one of the things I do love about Youtube. It’s free for kids to broadcast their creativity for all and sundry. There are so many videos on there of kids who basically make their own short films: Writing, directing, acting, editing, foleying, and the rest. How great is that?! SO great, I am saying. Oh, the creativity! And the Duran Duran videos. I like Youtube for them too.

Driving a red Mini Cooper in the sunshine is heaven. Also, Glass Guy With A Fake Bearskin On His Head finally took the bearskin off. Summer MUST be around the corner.

Baxter ran outside yesterday. It was dusk, close to raccoon time around here. I freaked out. I think that’s what a panic attack might feel like: Shaking, shallow breathing, inability to speak normally? I caught Bax and he’s safe, but, man, that had me SO scared!

Yep. That’s all I got right now.

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