Condo Hype

This morning, I was sitting on the bus minding my own business. I have to mind my business in the mornings. I don’t have the brain cells to mind anyone else’s. I remember smiling absently at a grandmother with two children in tow. But there I was going down Seymour, and I saw a bunch of people with giant placards. The grandmother noticed them too. Her head craned to read the signs.

At first I thought, “Oh. Protesters.” But then I read the placards: “I (heart) downtown!” “Condo Living Is Good Living!” “Vancouver Rules!” “The Beasley!” And my head exploded.

They were being paid to put on a show in celebration of one of the downtown condo developments. Probably they were professional actors. Maybe not. But they were smiling and waving their signs (which all matched perfectly, BTW).

Before I could think, I said, “I think my irony meter just broke.” Which is why I try not to talk in the mornings. My inner monologue is all right in some contexts, but not others.

“What does that mean?” asked the elder of the two children-with-grandmother.

I mentally kicked myself. Don’t freak out children on the bus! “Erm. It means that I just never thought I would see that. I never expected it see it.”

He was unimpressed. “Oh.”

I am thinking the real estate market is teetering in It-could-never-happen-here Vancouver. Because paid “I love condos” placard-wavers? Everybody knows, you only have to pay them if there’s no real enthusiasm.

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