Friday Confessions.

Hello. I am smug. Smugger than a smug thing in smug town. I have peas on my pea plants! Peas! I am a bona-fide gardener! And I have been eating salads with my own lettuce and radishes. Yes, smug. For some reason I now feel as though I am the first person in the whole world who has grown her own vegetables. Which is silly as hell, I know. I’m hardly the Ingalls family over here. But I am smug anyhow. 100-mile diet? Hell, I’m on the 100 feet diet!

Under the smug, we have a delicious layer of shirking responsibilities. I have phone calls to make, a musical script to write, plans to arrange, and I’m just not getting anything done. Can I blame Mercury in retrograde or something?

That’s because I have been out spending money! Yes, money I don’t have! On wine I don’t need! On food I could have prepared at home for a fraction of the cost! Because I am lazy! How many exclamations do I need? Oh. Okay. There, we’re done. Seriously, though. I know I need to eat. I just don’t prep the food at home as much as I could. For a while there I was having a virtuous and cheap pasta salad for lunch most days, But that got old pretty fast. And the sushi place across from work is pretty good. Except the gyoza.

You guys do anything confession-worthy this week?

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