Happy Birthday, Els!

Tonight, Rachel and I went out to the wilds of North Burnaby for Els’s birthday.

I do love getting out of what my friend Jim calls the ‘Safety Zone’. The fact is, when you work and live and shop in as small an area as I do (seriously, I live most of my life within a 3-square-mile zone) it’s fun to get out and see other places. Look! We’re out of Kits! Note the lower incidence of Lululemon and purse dogs! Look, Italian bakeries! Lack of posturing! I’d forgotten how much I love that neighbourhood.

And Ethiopian food! How great was that!? And cake! And reading stories and reciting poetry!

Thanks to Rachel for doing the hard part, the driving, while I rode shotgun and looked at stuff. And thanks to Els for inviting me to a fun party!

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