I succumbed. I was going to wait, but when I looked at my hair in the mirror today, I was like, “Oh. That’s bad.”

So I made an appointment with a stylist at my regular place, even though it wasn’t my usual stylist. She did a great job. But then she pulled out the diffuser.

I have curly hair, and stylistslove it. They all want to diffuse and finger-style and whatnot my head. I never spend that much time on my hair. I tell them this. Bu they all do it.

So the stylist is done with my hair today and she holds up the mirror. “And this is the back.”

“Oh my God! The back of my head looks exactly like Lionel Richie’s in 1984!” I gasped.

I really wish I’d used my inside voice for that one. But it’s true!

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