E has finally gone to set up the Pemberton Festival. (Intruders, thieves and brigands take note: This house is protected by Guard Gnomes, so don’t even think of trying anything, wise guys.) Anyway, in a flurry of packing and panicking and sniping and laundry-doing and whatnot, there he was, rushing out the door like an addled tornado, and now he’s gone for ten days. I hope it’s not too bad. He packed a lot of creature comforts.

Things E Packed for Pemberton:

Toiletries (including body wash so he didn’t have to faff with soap!)
3-man tent
Air mattress
Disc with all his favourite albums on it
Phone charger
Extra phone battery
Battery-operated ceiling fan for tent
Portable light for tent
Gig tools
Duct tape
First-aid kit

Things E Forgot to Pack:

Sleeping bag


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