Why We Should Teach Macbeth To Nine-year-olds.

They love the gore. Here’s an excerpt from the poem written by my student, modeled after the witches’ ‘recipe’.

‘A bloody skeleton from a bloody tomb,
Some yellow slugs from a woman’s womb.
These will be sweetened with some shark’s eyes,
But just a little pinch, or your soup will be a pie.
Don’t forget to put in a dog’s leg,
Or else your soup will taste like an egg.
A little bit of boiled brains will be good,
It’s better than you being food.
Sure enough, you can put in bloody mummies,
If you’re so sure not to think of Gummies.
The lastest ingredient is dirty old fingernails
But beware because you might get a sore toenail.’

Pretty good, huh?

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