My Grandmother’s Obituary.

(Names changed, Jo(e) style, for anonymity.) Except for the snark. That’s mine.

Loving – Grandma Kind (nee Something Irish) July 27, 1913 – July 28, 2008

Grandma was a free spirit all her days. She attended Now Snobby High School and graduated from the Big Local Hospital School of Nursing in 1935. Marrying Grumpy Grandpa in 1938, she had two children, Patient Father and Ghastly Aunt. While Grumpy Grandpa was away fighting in the war, Grandma raised these children in an atmosphere of love and fun, taking them camping and sailing in the summer time, and allowing them to explore the world she found such a joy. She continued in this theme with her grandchildren, spending summer days at the beach swimming, having Coke floats for lunch, and making incomparable oatmeal cookies. She loved driving, volunteering for the YMCA, and huge roast beef dinners with all her family around her. She was cheerful, resourceful, and stylish throughout her life.

She mourned the loss of those who went before her, and those of us left behind will miss her terribly. We include her son, Patient Father (Gentle Girlfriend), her daughter, Ghastly Aunt (Bigoted Uncle), and daughter-of-the-heart, PEI Farmgirl Nurse. The grandchildren who loved her are Bo (Carol), MonkeyPants (E), Used Car Salesman Cousin (Bland), Never Got To Go To University Because She’s A Girl Cousin (and a bf or gf if there is one), Winemaking Cousin (Gorgeous Italian Viniculturalist), and Beekeeping Cousin (Blue-eyed Apiarist). Her great-grandchildren are Eyelashes, Chubby Cheeks, Indefatigable, Indomitable, Introspective, and Tiny One, and a step-grandchild, Red-head. Several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews will also mourn her passing.

Our most sincere thanks to the staff at Catholic Care Residence, where she lived for the last several years. In her increasing battle against dementia, the staff at Catholic Care were always patient and loving to Grandma.

We will be holding a memorial tea in her honour on August 7, somewhere in Richmond. In lieu of flowers, those who wish to may make a donation to Catholic Care, or a charity of their choice.

Barbecue Party

Some of my favourite parts of summer are the barbecues at Fran and Jim’s house.

I love the food we all prepare and bring. It’s always different and delicious: homemade salsa and guacamole, tomato and bocconcini salad with home grown basil, Julie’s grandma’s recipe for potato salad, homemade foccacia, garlicky tsatsiki and homous. Sometimes I eat so much I don’t even really want any steak!

I love the goofy games we play: Badminton and hacky-sack, and, of course, the projectiles: The foamy green missile and the potato gun. We go out into the lane and see how far they go. Yesterday, Craig’s birthday plane almost got stranded on the top of the tire shop.

I love the fire Jim starts in the old hibachi as the sky goes from azure to indigo. I love the flames illuminating the content faces of my friends, and I love looking up at the stars.

I love the guitar-playing and the singing, and how everybody gets a turn if they want to, beginner or expert.

I love barbecues at Fran and Jim’s, but I wouldn’t want them forever. Because in the dark of the year, when the rain comes down, and everything is shivery-damp, I look forward to barbecues, to smelling like woodsmoke, and I know summer will come again.

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