Friday Confessions.

Hey there. I was just over here minding my business. I got caught up with all the marking. Funny, how I used to do ten times as much a day, and even a dozen book reports behind freaks me out these days.

I am becoming obsessed with Heroes again. I saw an ad for the new season and so I have been watching as much as I can so that I remember everything and am all ready to go for the new season. I should have more hobbies or something.

I am also excited because the new Original Student Calendars are in the stores! Now I can plan my life into September! I have tried but I can’t run my life without one. And now, like every mid-August, I am so excited to have the new one in my hands! Of course, I have a history of decorating them. They used to be butt-ugly and now they’re just bland. So every year, I have a new way to decorate my new calendar. I’m pretty excited about that, which is scary, and may progress to scrapbooking. But not just yet. I need to get my calendar organized!

Anyone else got anything to say?

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