Thursday Night Confessions.

It’s an early confession thread for me. Tomorrow morning I am doing Co-Op stuff before I go to work and will certainly not have time or inclination to write a post. I am probably going to be a little hung over, which brings me to my first confession.

Morgan came over and we killed a bottle of wine talking about language and his kid and traveling and everything. He stayed later than either of us thought. So, a pre-emptive confession: My head is sure to be a little cloudy tomorrow when the alarm goes off and I head into the morning, armed with insurance stickers and papers for the fleet. On balance, I won’t much care. Seeing Morgan is so fun.

However, I do need to see his daughter. She’s getting so big and I am amazed at the pictures I see of her. Like her mother and father, she seems to drink life to the lees, and everything is a new adventure. She will be a terror once she learns to walk.

Also, I am thinking of asking for more work while E’s parents are in town. “Oh, can’t meet, sorry. Gotta work.” But that leaves him with no ally in their well-intentioned blundering. That’s not fair, is it?

Also not fair? The weather. Here I have this massive, sprawling tomato crop and one (1) almost-ripe tomato. Would it be worth it to construct an impromptu greenhouse, just to see if I can get more ripe ones? I am kind of tempted. Because I have no experience making Fried Green Tomatoes, Whistle-stop recipe or otherwise. I think in one of the Little House books, Ma made a tomato pie, but I can’t be sure. Green tomato recipes, anyone?

This confessional ramble has been brought to you by a bottle of red, some kind of ‘your skin will be dewy and fresh’ face mask I have on right now, and my desire to go to bed.

What have you all got?

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