Friday Confessions.

Hello, fellow confessors. It’s been a very short week over here, what with Labour Day and new kids in classes and the catching up with old students, and the wait, how come there’s only 15 minutes left in class?! of everyone getting adjusted to the new year.

So I was tired. I had popcorn for dinner last night. Hey, it has fiber. And fiber is good. There’s just no nutritional value, is there? Meh. I’ll get my nutrition elsewhere.

Like in my quinoa! I think I’m going to reinstate Boring Salad Club, wherein I tell the kids I owe them five dollars if they see me eating something other than salad for dinner (and additives, of course. Like quinoa. I know I need my protein and whatnot).

Also, not a confession, but a kind of anti-confession: I didn’t kill E’s parents! Coming up soon, The Chair Story, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Control Over My Home Decor!

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