I Am A Crazy Squirrel Lady

We have been watching three baby squirrels frolic about the yard over the past few days. I know they’re only rats with good PR, and they’re destructive and they’re vermin, but these little ones are damn cute!

They like to hang out under the barbecue tarp, and they grunt at me if I get too close. Squirrels grunt! Who knew?

They are also monumentally stupid. I caught a neighbourhood cat about to pounce on one of them yesterday and the stupid squirrel was sitting there growling at it! I shouted and the cat bolted, but the squirrel just sat there blinking at me. They also will run directly between my feet when they’re in the middle of a particularly absorbing game.

So now I find myself compelled to prowl the yard looking for cats, and exhorting the squirrels to climb the trees and stay there, like they can understand me.

Excuse me. It’s time for me to go on Cat Patrol.

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