Friday Confessions

When I got home from belly dancing last night (OMG SO FUN!) there was no sound on the TV. Since E was out doing a thing for Alice Cooper, I was on my own. I poked a few buttons in a desultory fashion, but the fact is, I am so completely incapable of figuring out technology, I gave it up and listened to Internet TV while I looked at Flickr. I sort of feel pathetic, but not as much as I think I ought to.

Also, belly dancing is scaring the pants off me. We’re doing all this choreographed stuff, and I feel as though I am flailing like a mad thing. I want to do a lot of performing this year, to stop myself feeling like a flailing thing, but I’m not going to be performing if I can’t stop feeling like a flailing thing.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting new belly dancing pants and a new veil, in loud and clashing colours. I have a feeling I am going to be buying some loud fabric when Rachel and I go to Dressew for Grand Master B’s Blue Jedi gear.

Anyone else feel pathetic, scared, spastic, avaricious or non-matching?

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