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By the time the fifth class was over yesterday, I was done. Five classes is too long. The 6:30 Friday kids are burnt out, little or big. Everyone else’s weekend already started. It’s like extra-cruel detention.

Luckily for them, their teacher (me) is not up to much by then. Want to do some grammar? Okay. Want to have a riveting conversation about sharks? Okay too. My mind, she is a-wandering. Not so focused or productive.

So I walked up to Broadway to have a glass of wine and see how Tom’s plans are progressing to turn The Fringe into Moe’s from The Simpsons for Halloween. Turns out, everything is coming together well.

Then I ran into Jane. Jane was a party buddy back when E played in a rock band that had songs like “Booty Call”. Now Jane is a dental hygiene student. She said she could get me a $250 toothbrush for $69. I was not sold. Because that’s too much for a toothbrush, no matter how gimmicky. But we did have a conversation about tooth brushing and oral care in general. And then I came home and sat on the couch until it was time for bed. Because I realized that if I can go to a bar and get engrossed in a conversation about oral hygiene, I am probably too dull to actually interact with other people. At least, anyone not involved in the dentistry business.

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