Flip and Toss

Oh, there will be another couple of days of blue sky, but I’ve been shivery in the evenings, particularly coming down from UBC, and car jockeying in the mornings, so today I took the plunge and put away my summer clothes and brought out the winter ones. “Well, this is really kind of a shoulder season item,” I told the cat, who was supervising and trying to sleep on everything I was moving. “But I don’t think I’m going to wear it again this year.” And into the suitcase it went.

Things that didn’t go into the suitcase or out to be worn went to the thrift store. I love giving things to the thrift store. It makes me feel light. Absolved, even. Here’s my stuff, Thrift Store. Sell my uncomfortable jeans to someone who needs them. Give the money to Easter Seals. Here are some shoes that never quite fit. Let the SPCA benefit. Here’s a shower head hangy thing for shampoo bottles. Let it transmute into money for a homeless shelter.

And now I have that tidy, squared-away-for-winter feeling. I have scarves to choose from, gloves aplenty, and hats a-go-go. I may not be hanging hams from the rafters, but I’ve done my Winter Prep ritual, and I feel good for it.

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