Friday Confessions

What, wait, it’s Friday? Hell, it’s still very early Friday morning, but that was fast. I had a bunch of stuff I meant to do this week. It didn’t get done.

Not done:

Phone to get an appointment for a pap smear. (I am religious about this, believe me! I’m doing this as soon as I wake up. You can’t screw around with cervical health).

Make an appointment for more contact lenses. I am down to my last pair and although I love my glasses, I feel more confident in contacts. I wish I could change that, but I can’t seem to.

Phone my dad. I want to tell him about my week, but every time I think about people to phone, friends or family, it is later than they are awake. Like now.

Incidentally, I am awake because I have just been dancing around the living room to Youtube videos. I guess that’s a confession on its own.

Okay, make me feel better, please. Tell me you didn’t have it all together this week.

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