Friday Confessions

Impending November has me in a bit of a grump. Yesterday was an ‘I Hate Everything’ day. Seriously. Cute Chinese grandma and grandpa, the pharmacist at Shopper’s, the customers in the costume shot who bought all the green paint. I hated them all. But then I had some emergency pasta and butter and parmesan in a bowl as big as my head, and I felt better.

Speaking of food, I think I may have to speak to my boss. He is new, having only been at this academy for a few months, but yesterday he sent out an edict that teachers were no longer allowed to eat in class. Apparently, it makes some of the younger students want to eat. This gets my hackles up on a LOT of levels. First, I am an adult. I decide when I get to eat, thanks. Second, I am often there for four or five hours, without a break between classes. He’d prefer that I faint? Especially since, Tuesday and Wednesday, I have already put in a full shift at another job? Also, why would a mother pay forty dollars per lesson but send her child to class hungry and therefore unable to learn? Why not just lock the kid in his room with a manga comic? It’s cheaper and just as effective.

Excuse me. I seem to have some feelings about that one. Which also pisses me off. I work for a Korean company, and I feel like a racist when I chafe at the restrictions. But I am a Canadian. Yes, we do things differently here. We think for ourselves. We challenge our superiors sometimes. We come to our own conclusions, not those handed to us by our bosses. Also, parents choose to send their kids here, so we have to appeal to them. And your average Korean mother? Not well versed in educational principles. I love my job. I really do. But when management starts trying to cater to the whims of the parents as opposed to allowing me to see to the needs of the students, things get a little messy.

Oops, sorry for the rant. Anyone else got a confession (or rant, since that’s on the menu too?)

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