First Time at Celebrities.

Tonight I went to Luvafair Remembering Night or whatever it’s called. I punked out at midnight, I am ashamed to say. No energy and feeling a little iffy. So why am I not in bed? My head wants to dance, but my body is too tired.

When we got there, they were playing eighties stuff, but weird eighties stuff, like music that came out of post-punk Warsaw or something. It sounded like that, anyhow.  I began to wonder if Elissa and her fetching chapeau and me and my riot grrl eyeliner were there for naught.

But then it got good: New Order, Bowie, Depeche Mode. You know, the good stuff. I went dancing. I love dancing. It is a fact.

I also got tired. Damn you, thirty-six-year-old body! How can you not dance the night away after a full day?

So CSI is on the television, and the cat is snoring beside me, dreaming his little cat dreams.

In my dreams, I will dance til dawn.

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