Sailors I Have Known

Rachel got me thinking about all the nicknames I gave and heard in Port Hardy. I like nicknames. They tell us a little something extra about the person in question. Although usually that information is trivial and/or wrong. That’s okay. I like nicknames anyway.

The nicknames we gave and heard were combinations of boat names, hometowns, endearing or annoying quirks, physical looks, amusing incidents, and sometimes completely random. There is a reason writers like Jack Hodgins and other West Coasters write about people like these: They are characters even before they grace the pages of books.

We knew:

Mitchell Bay Mark

The Man With No Shirt

Jungle Dan

Cedar Isle Jim

Chicken Tonight Steve

Johnny Quest

Pious Bill


The Campbell’s Soup Kid


Lady J

Big Willie Style

Newfie Jim

Night Flight Mike

Heather The Diver

Whistling Man

Our Jesus

Esso Lady

And probably a bunch of others I am forgetting.

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