I’ve signed up for another year of photo-a-day.  But I’ve been feeling kind of meh about commenting on the group pool. There are 219 members right now, and it’s hard to think about ‘getting to know’ that many people. Part of the problem is that we originally met on another site, and that site is quite big, so there are a lot of people who get interested in what we’re doing.

There will be several big culls in the next few months.  When people haven’t contributed for a month, they get dropped from the group. Part of me can’t wait for that. I want the group pool to get smaller so I can feel like I’m getting to know people again.

I feel bad about that. I wish I  could welcome all of them and embrace everyone, but I can’t. There are just too many people.

On the other hand, I had an email exchange with one of the new people. She thanked me again for being there for her a year and a half ago, when she had to give herself daily injections.  Every morning for her, night for me, we’d meet up on this other site and I’d nag and cajole until she came back and told me she’d done her injection. Now I get to see her pictures. She lives on a mountaintop in Southern Spain. So not a hardship.

So while I appreciate that the spirit of the group must change, I know that this can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. But I am looking forward to the first big culls.

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