Open Book.

My face shows everything when I’m relaxed or sick. I think my friends sometimes get a  lot of comedy value out of it. I know Arwen has laughed at me a few times for the faces I make as I think. My students will ask me, “What, what?”as I read something because I’ve made a face.  I never thought much about it, beyond the fact that I should probably never play high-stakes poker.

But today as I was restocking sick girl supplies (Kleenex, drugs, soup) I think I accidentally offended someone.

I walked up to one of the two open 12-items-or-less Express checkouts, only to see that the one customer in the lineup had, like fifty things. A weekly shop’s worth of things. And I felt my lip curl in frustration and derision.

I looked at him and I saw he was looking at me. I probably offended him with my bitch face.

I think I must have accidentally offended other strangers with my transparency. I’d like to apologize, if only I knew who they were.

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