Hello. I am staring at the space on my floor where a computer monitor has lately resided for far too long. Sometime in December (Yes, I know it is March tomorrow!), it died in E’s room and he brought it out to be dealt with. Our friend Scott said that there were people who wanted monitors like that and I said, “Hey, why not take it to them?” E said, “That’s a great idea, I’ll do that!” And then it sat on the living room floor for a couple of months.

Periodically, I’d say something, but the monitor weighed as much as a Rottweiler, and with one thing and another, I just vacuumed around it. It wasn’t in the way per se, it was just a big stupid monitor on the floor.

But spring has me in its cleaning clutches, and today I was mopping and damp-dusting and bustling around and getting in E’s way, and I said, “Hey, why don’t you call Scott about that monitor?” And he did.

I opened the door for E to take it outside and followed him in case he needed help. When it was in his car, I laughed maniacally and gave the monitor the finger. With both hands.  Then I did a happy dance down the sidewalk and E laughed at me. But the last laugh was mine. The monitor is gone!

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