Four More Years.

I apologize if everyone is tired of thinking about this. I know I’m late, and the fateful vote was three whole days ago. But I’ve been incoherent with rage and heartsick and despondent and I am just getting around to putting it into words.

Gordon Campbell is still the premier. And he’s still the MP for my riding.

I understand how this happened. Economic uncertainties, don’t switch horses in the middle of the stream, strong economic policy. Blah blah blah.

But really? With all those forestry folks out of work? Ambulances on strike? Hospital support staff outsourced to the cheapest bidders? Tuition and bus fares raised? Education funding cut again? Privatization all over the goddamn map?

I understand there was a low voter turnout. But why? Are people so beaten low that they can’t even bestir themselves to put a checkmark on a ballot? Do they think they don’t matter? Because I cannot believe for one minute that the majority of folks in this province want that smarmy shitheel making economic decisions for them.

Maybe in four years, up to our necks in Olympic debt, routinely shaken down by meth-addicted homeless people, unable to get Emergency Services to our homes in under an hour, treated like second-class citizens for needing to go on Employment Insurance, seeing our children fail because they get no attention in an overstretched teacher’s classroom, standing helpless as our elderly die in the hallways of hospitals because there are no beds or nurses, maybe then we’ll decide it’s a good idea to vote.

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