Victoria Day Weekend Redux

Man, I love three day weekends. I always spend Sunday thinking, “Hey, this is like Saturday and I have a whole other day!” Now, I know Queen Victoria has been gone a long time, but I do like celebrating her birthday. Even though it’s actually on the 24th. But still.

I got some beans, basil, and broccoli seeds into the garden.  E laughed at me when he caught me chanting, “Okay….Go!” at them. But the last laugh is on him. If I grow it, he has to eat it.

Because it was so warm yesterday, E put on shorts and barbecued some steaks.  Even though it’s rainly today, he’s still wearing shorts, because “Summer’s here. I put shorts on.” I’m not going to call his logic into question. I’m just going to let him have cold legs.

On Friday night, I learned to play Risk. Well, I don’t know if it took or not. I do know not to show mercy.  I let Simon stay on the board with one piece and he later came back and helped Jim wipe me off the map. Except for Alaska. I held onto it.

Reading ‘Gemini Summer’, a Governor General winner for young adults. I have to say that right now, I think it was a winner because it was an Edifying Book, and not, in fact, something kids want to read. All seven of my blog readers know that I have a thing against Edification Through Litratchoor.  Hell, I raced through the latest Rick Riordan about Percy the demigod without stopping to look up. I’m like a compass for populist lit, both for kids and adults. Is it Good For Me? Um, no thanks, then.

Still not writing. Maybe I’ll cook for the denizens of Camp Oolican instead.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to a short week. Happy Monday night, all of you!

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