Long Sunday.

I was full of intentions. I made lasagna yesterday and I was stoked to go out and see Gen and her family for a couple of hours, and bring them some lasagna. Plus, it was the first day of the summer Kits farmer’s market, so I wanted to go and bring them something from there.

And then the pinkeye came back. So today I have been dosing myself with the pinkeye goo from the doctor at the walk-in clinic (whom I saw to get a refill on my inhaler a couple of weeks ago, and I hope he doesn’t think I am stalking him, because he is movie-star handsome) and waiting for the pinkeye to subside.

The goo makes my eyes sticky, and I can’t see so well,  so I have been mostly mooching around the house today. I mulched (put down more cardboard), did some laundry, prepped for the week. But I am pissed off at the stupid pinkeye. It’s been a long day.

On the plus side, my landlord says we can get a little bee house for the backyard! I would totally love to increase the local bee population. I just have to do a ton of research, because I want the bees, but not the work. Or the stings.

You know it’s been a long day when you can’t wait for the next day to begin, even if it is a Monday.

Happy end-of-the-week to you all.

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